Oct 12

Evgeny Vitishko is being transferred to a stricter colony

On October, 8,  EWNC became aware of the reason why convicted environmentalist Evgeny Vitishko has not been communicating from his colony in Tambov region.

As we had feared, it turns out that the penal authorities are preparing to transfer him to a stricter colony.

Both prosecutors and defense last month asked the court to free Evgeny and return him to the terms of a suspended sentence that he has been serving at home for allegedly writing slogans on the illegal fence of Krasnodar region governor Alexander Tkachev before getting arrested in February. However the judge ruled to keep Evgeny in prison.

Now prison monitors in Tambov region notified EWNC that the regional penal authorities have officially begun the procedure to transfer Evgeny from colony 2 to a different colony with much stricter rules. They have placed him in quarantine quarters before the transfer, keeping him away from communication with his friends, lawyers, and other convicts.

Evgeny has fought for the rights of convicts in his colony, writing complaints about violations in the colony conditions and protesting a mass beating that occurred earlier this year. As a result, colony authorities piled up invented complaints against Evgeny such as failing to say hello to them or keeping his food in an improper place.

His transfer is the colony’s revenge for Evgeny’s activism, which is being orchestrated without even notifying his lawyers. He could be sent anywhere in Russia.