Feb 18

More than 40 environmental and human rights NGOs ask Prosecutor General take measures to free Vitishko

As a part of Global Day of Action, under the initiative of Crude Accountability, 45 non-governmental non-for-profit organizations, including respected individual human rights and environmental attorneys and advocates, from all over the world sent official appeal to Russian Prosecutor General to take necessary measures to free Evgeny Vitishko, to initiate legal proceedings regarding the wrongful conviction of Evgeny Vitishko; hold those responsible for his conviction legally accountable. They also requested investigate the facts of installment the illegal fence in violation of water and forest laws in Bzhid township (Tuapse District, Krasnodar Krai). The fact of the matter is that Vitishko was convicted for damaging that fence. However, the prosecutor’s office of Krasnodar Krai deny the existence of that fence. It’s time to stop injustice. A similar appeal was sent by a group of Russian environmental and human rights NGOs.

Open Statement Vitishko Feb 17, 2015