Apr 15

Court denies parole for Evgeny Vitishko. Defense will appeal. Vitishko continues his hunger strike

Court denies parole for Evgeny Vitishko

EWNC, April 15, 2015

Kirsanovsky district court (Tambov Oblast) held a hearing on whether to grant Evgeny Vitishko parole. In a settlement penal colony Evgeny has served a third of his sentence. Chief Judge was Yury Losev. Three colony officials participated in a trial as witnesses. EWNC, Greenpeace Russia and political party “Yabloko” were at the trial as well.

Administration of the penal colony has not changed its mind since last hearing held on March 31. They stated that Vitishko does not deserve parole as he is a violator, who has 8 reprimands and has a negative characteristic. The court re-announced those reprimands.

Evgeny spoke about violations in the penal colony, unlawful use of some restraint equipment against prisoners. The court heard different characteristics given to Evgeny by various organizations and by the penal colony.

The prosecutor insisted that Vitishko will not admit his guilt and trend in his behavior will remain the same; and that he will do the same if freed; thus, Vitishko does not deserve a parole.

Vitishko’s defense pointed out that the public recognizes Vitishko a prisoner of conscience; that Vitishko donates to orphanage. Defense also reminded that admitting the guilt does not serve a ground for parole.

Notwithstanding, the court denied parole for Vitishko. Defense team will appeal this decision. As the Supreme Court of Russia rejected Vitishko’s appeal on decision to cancel his suspended sentence and transfer to a penal colony, parole is the only chance for Vitishko’s freedom. If court of second instance denies parole as well, Vitishko will be eligible to appeal again only in six months.

Injustice for Evgeny Vitishko, a person convicted on a trumped up charges for his work in environmental protection and human rights, continues the same.

By EWNC (revised by freevitishko)


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