Aug 10

Evgeny Vitishko on hunger strike

On August 1, Evgeny Vitishko went on hunger strike. He protested his placement in a penal isolator on July 31, based on allegations that he improperly stored his food in a bag. This type of storage is a common practice in a colony since there are no other opportunities to do otherwise. After his release from a penal isolator on August 3, Evgeny continued the strike but had to stop it on August 6 due to threats by colony administration. Administration forces other inmates petitioning against Vitishko.

Evgeny promised to go on another hunger strike in case he is placed in a penal isolator again. He sais, this is his only way to protest unfairness.

Jul 29

Sign petition asking to release Vitishko immediately and unconditionally!

This is a real chance to create a resonance among international community and free environmental defender! Sign petition today!


Jul 29

An update on Evgeny Vitishko

In the five months that Evgeny Vitishko has been in prison, he had faced increasing pressure from his colony’s administration. Particularly after Evgeny exposed a massive beating in the colony in May, authorities began accusing him of minor infractions which can later serve as grounds for transferring him to a stricter colony, potentially sending him even further away from home.


Since mid-April, Evgeny received official notices for “being at his sleeping quarters”, for “passing an item to another convict,” for “careless attitude towards work” and “storing food in an improper place.”


Some of these infractions are completely invented while others are due to the colony’s own improper conditions. For example, there is only one refrigerator for his entire brigade of over 100 people, so everyone, like Evgeny, just stores food in plastic bags in a storage room.


The practice of piling up such official warnings is a well-known practice in Russian prisons, used against inconvenient convicts in order to portray them as delinquent and punish them in an isolation ward or transfer them to a different prison. Evgeny has already been threatened with a transfer to a stricter prison by the administration.


Evgeny has complained repeatedly about violations in the colony, such as work conditions and work hours. Convicts do agricultural work from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. with no drinking water or gloves, for example. After the mass beating Evgeny witnessed in May, nobody was held responsible, while convicts who were victims have been quietly transferred or forced to deny in writing that the beating occurred.

By Environmental Watch on North Caucasus

Jun 10

Colony officials are creating atmosphere of enmity between Vitishko and other inmates

Colony officials are creating atmosphere of enmity between Vitishko and other inmates.

Punishing Vitishko for his public condemnation of a mass beating of Vitishko’s inmates, officials of the penal colony switched off public telephones, thus prohibiting inmates from calling. Two officials were telling inmates that ‘Vitishko broke phones by his tongue’ (meaning that Vitishko should not talk about the accident of a mass beating).

Also, some inmates of the penal colony were not allowed to go to the store.

These punishing actions are directed on creation the atmosphere of enmity between Vitishko and other inmates. Vitishko helps inmates in drafting various appeals and complaints, though, and is actively involved n a human Riggs work related to the penal colony issues.

Vitishko condemned publicly the fact of a mass beating that took place in May. Vitishko calls upon human rights groups to investigate the case.


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Jun 02

Front Line Defenders, HRW, Amnesty International: Evgeny Vitishko

International non-governmental organizations Front Line Defenders, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are following the case of Evgeny Vitishko and support him!

Front Line Defenders:

– Watch video on YouTube

– Read


Amnesty International:

May 28

Goldman Prize Winners from South Africa and Costa Rica ask for immediate release of Evgeny Vitishko

Randall Arauz, a head of Costa Rican marine conservation organization, and Jonathan Deal, environmentalist from South Africa, ask Russian authorities for immediate release of Evgeny Vitishko.

Watch Jonathan Deal in support of Evgeny Vitishko

Watch Randall Arauz asks Russian authorities to immediately release Evgeny Vitishko

May 27

Evgeny Vitishko sends a letter to his supporters

Dear friends!

Thank you so much for your letters of support and interest in my case!
The fact that so many people agree that developing a country is impossible without developing democracy in all spheres of life fills me with hope that sooner or later the existence of dissenting views and opinions will be considered a norm, while people will choose which information to trust themselves, despite an information vacuum and the invisibility of those who think differently.
So many young people love their country and set as a goal to change the existing system and eliminate lawlessness, and that brings hope.
Only by combining our efforts directed at the attainment of justice and respect of the Constitution and the laws can we change our present and the future that awaits both ourselves and our children.
Russia will be free, but the country’s freedom depends on the degree of freedom of each of its citizens.
There are many more things that I would like to say, to respond to everyone individually, however the place where I currently am does not permit me a response to each letter, therefore I am addressing you in this way.

Thank you very much again and we will meet soon.
Evgeny Vitishko
16 May, 2014, Colony#2, Tambov region


If you would like to send a letter to Evgeny Vitishko, use the following address: Russia, Россия, 393355, п. Садовый, ул. Зеленая, д. 11, Кирсановский район, Тамбовская область, Витишко Евгению Геннадьевичу


May 26

Netherlands activists support Evgeny Vitishko

Thanks to Amnesty International activists in the Netherlands!

(see photos in the post)







May 08

Evgeny met Greenpeace Russia and Evgenia Chirikova!

On May 7, 2014, Evgeny eventually met Greenpeace Russia and Evgenia Chirikova after denial in meeting on the day before. Evgeny is in a good spirit, even though he works all day long and lives with 140 people, all in the same room. His first salary Evgeny transferred to Russian orphan’s home.

Greenpeace Russia brought 400 letters and Evgeny was incredibly happy and promised to respond everyone.

You can send Evgeny a letter or just write it on Greenpeace’s web-site. He will be very happy to hear from you!


Apr 27

Arctic 30 for Evgeny Vitishko

Dmitry Litvinov, Ekaterina Zaspa, Faiza Oulahsen, Andrey Allakhverdov and Roman Dolgov – Greenpeace activists formerly accused of piracy in Russia – stand for the environmental defender sentenced for 3 years in a penal colony. “Evgeny Vitishko is accused of a crime which he never commited. Evgeny Vitishko should be freed immediately.”
(watch the video in the post)

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